Thursday, March 29, 2012

Come Sail Away!

If you’re ever up at Lake of the Ozarks, and you're anxious to be on the water but you have no boat of your own, check out the Tropic Island Cruises at Tan-Tar-A resort!  This 75 ft, 150 passenger motor yacht is the way to go, particularly if you prefer to have all the fun, and leave the driving to someone else!
Cap'n Omer ("How-do-you-like-me-so-far") and Firstmate Jacquie Clark
Tropic Island is owned and operated  by Omer and Jacquie Clark, ex-pats of corporate America who decided to make a living doing what they love best- boating. The Clarks owned several personal boats and boated on both lakes and rivers throughout Missouri before taking the leap and buying their investment. Omer earned his captain license, and can be found piloting the Tropic Island most days between March and October.  His wife Jacquie serves as first mate, bartender and, from time to time, chef.

Tropic Island Cruises opened in April of 1994 with a 50 foot craft.  At the time, there was no other business like it on the lake, although currently another motor yacht operates on the lake as well.  In 1998, the current yacht, Tropic Island II, was launched on the water, and operated out of Lodge of Four Seasons.  As the lake became more and more crowded, this arm of the lake was almost impossible to navigate in such choppy waters, and in 2007 the Clarks moved their business to Tan-Tar-A resort.
Upper Deck and Bar, decorated for a Cinco de Mayo cruise
A typical scenic cruise on the Tropic Island lasts about an hour and a half to two hours.  Both levels are air-conditioned, and there is a full service bar with snacks upstairs. There is also outside seating on both levels, for those who prefer to enjoy the sun. Reggae music plays for most of the cruise, although Captain Omer breaks in from time to time to narrate interesting finds along the lake. If you ask nicely, he’ll let you sit in the Captain’s chair and pilot for a minute or two, and snap a picture with a captain hat perched on your head for bragging rights.
Even the smallest passengers have a great time!
 Tropic Island Cruises also offers chartered cruises, and has been host to class and family reunions, weddings and receptions, and corporate retreats and events.  Food for larger events is catered through Tan-Tar-A.

Our family on the Tropic Island Cruises dock at Tan-Tar-A
So if you just want to relax and unwind in a comfortable and inviting setting, and take in the sights, pop on over to Tropic Island Cruises. Captain Omer and Firstmate Jacquie will make you feel like family; and since they are my father and mother –in-law, you might even see me helping out behind the bar or in the galley kitchen!

Tropic Island Cruises
494 Tan Tar A Drive
Osage Beach, MO
Daily Cruises Tuesday through Sunday at 3 p.m.
Call for information on chartering a private cruise! 


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  1. I think you did a pretty good job laying out the high points, though I think you could have personalized it a bit more. You could mention that it is a family business earlier, and talk about your experiences with it.